Three Reasons To Travel The Extra Mile

I get it. No one really loves being in the car for long periods of time unless they have to be. Especially to go take pictures. Add a few kids and the whole thing doesn’t sound fun at all but hear me out. When’s the last time you had pictures taken? Did you go to the same place you see everyone else’s pictures taken at because it was easier? Closer? Taking pictures doesn’t have to be a drag. Make it an adventure. Make it a time to create new memories with your husband or take your kids to a place they’ve never been before. Create some excitement! I’m always told “we don’t want to travel too far” and I’ll admit it bums me out a little. Especially when we are surrounded by beautiful places! Here’s three reasons why you should drive the extra mile for your session…

Creating new memories

This is the perfect time, and excuse, to make some new memories with your family. Whether you hike up the side of a mountain, swim in the ocean or take a stroll downtown in a new city. These are memories you will hold on to. These are moments your children will remember. These are the special moments in life. Take the day to spend time together. After all, life is too short not to enjoy every minute!

People will actually want to see your photos

Let’s be honest, most people are bored to tears of seeing the same set of photos, with the same backgrounds, that are nothing more than endless shots of people in front of the same spot that Suzy down the streets photos were taken at. Most people don’t want to see you at the park down the street. They are more interested in the destination itself and the experience you had there. They want to hear the stories behind it. How you braved your fear of heights. How the love of your life proposed to you on the top of a Ferris wheel. Whatever the story is, your pictures will tell them and people will want to see them..

Bringing out raw emotion

Watching your child see a waterfall for the first time is magical. The sheer immensity of waterfalls brings out the real reactions you want from your child. That look of amazement and wonder. That’s not something you can practice or force. Getting lost up on a mountain with your husband with a bottle of wine and a blanket, the love and intimacy oozes off of the two of you. The smiles, the laughs, it’s all real. It’s an experience. Break away from the traditional places and take an adventure.


How often do you hire a photographer? Usually once a year. Take this opportunity to make this time together special and fun. Drive the extra 45 minutes and spend the day creating a new lifetimes worth of memories. I promise you, it’s well worth it. Plus the view is beautiful!

Let’s go on an adventure together! Where do you want to go? Tell me here!

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