about me

A good majority of people in my life call me Kate. I respond to both!

diehard lion king fan. I will fight you on that being the best disney movie ever!

I have this really odd thing where I like to eat chocolate and cheez its. I know. It’s weird.

i have a lot of tattoos and a slight obsession with getting them. it's my therapy.

once i got to feed a giraffe and my life felt complete.

fun facts

I'm the face behind Katelyn Rose Photography. I am a photographer based out of Chattanooga, TN. I specialize in families and weddings, but I love all photography. Babies, maternity, lifestyle, you name it, I love it!

My love for photography started as an awkward teenage girl just trying to find my way through this world. I started on my dad's old Canon film camera, hand developing my photos in a darkroom at my high shcool. Which, by the way, can we bring darkrooms back please?! I still have all my old negatives that I cherish dearly. I started my business, a dream come true, about 5 years ago. I love capturing the love between couples, the playfulness of a family, and the magic of a wedding. I'm down for any challenge or request thrown my way! That's the beauty of what I do.

I am a mom to two beautiful little girls and I'm married to the worlds best man! We all say that don't we? ha! We have three dobermans who might as well be kids themselves. When I'm not behind my camera, you'll probably find me with a coffee in my hand, wandering the aisles of Target for fun or binge watching Grey's Anatomy for the 27th time.

i'm katelyn

hey friends







travel out of the country. specifically to Ireland.

number 1 thing on my bucket list is

orange crush.


stop letting life happen to you and become an active participant in it.


hot coffee, lots of vanilla creamer

how i drink my coffee

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